Fishguyz Custom Aquarium Setups

My name is Randy and I’ve been doing custom aquarium setups for over 10 years and have a long list of satisfied clients up and down the Wasatch Front. We install, clean, and maintain aquariums all over Utah. We sell fish and coral and specialize in creating healthy and happy environments for your fish. We’re known for our availability and work ethic. We’ll do whatever we can to make our clients happy.


We offer initial set up consultations, provide healthy stock (both fish and corals) for your unique tank, and can design, build, weld and plumb just about any set up you can imagine. We’ve built tanks both large and small and can offer any variety of freshwater aquarium supplies and saltwater aquarium supplies too.


Whether you’re a dentist or a doctor ¬†looking to add some spice to your waiting room, or a home aquarium enthusiast along the Wasatch Front, we can build, set up, and even maintain your tank on a weekly or monthly basis.

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Check out my other pages Trees and Welding for more photos of some of the cool projects we’ve put together for satisfied clients. Get in touch if you’re thinking about a project we can help you with.

Randy Cleaning a Tank

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